WOAA Sr. AA Hockey Club


Here are our year-end award winners (L to R)...Playoff MVP: Stephen Sanza. Regular Season MVP: Sean Consitt. Leagues Lowest GAA: Marc Nother. League & Team Leading Scorer: Kurtis Bartliff. Most Dedicated & Leagues Lowest GAA: Drew Reinhardt. League & Team Most Sportsmanlike and Best Defenceman: Nathan Ansell. (Absent Best Defenceman: Mike Jarmuth)

Also announced at our banquet: Jim Fritzley is stepping down as Head Coach. Assistant Coach Merlin Malinowski is taking over as Head Coach. Thanks for everything Jim!!!




WE WIN!!!!!!!!!


The Finals schedule:


‪Friday March 16 in CLINTON  RADARS WIN 3-2

Saturday March 17 in Durham  RADARS WIN 6-4


Friday March 23 in CLINTON  RADARS WIN 7-4

Saturday March 24 in Durham  RADARS WIN 4-3 in OT